Remember, when Pandora's box was opened, hope was left inside....

One thing is clear, our nation is now feeling ontologically queasy following last week's referendum results. Whilst everyone is trying to put on a brave face, no-one has the answers and it is likely to take years before the true impact of the British people's decision last week to exit the EU unfolds in full. 

The UK surprised itself in the result and the conclusive margin dividing a collective front has parted the masses and left a bitter taste in the mouths of many, irrespective of which way we voted. The sociological study of this time in history will no doubt provide a plethora of hypotheses as to the reasons the people voted as they did. The theory of the regions' rebellion against London and the establishment for having been abandoned post-industrialisation is just one account, for example. Who knows how many more will be aired when our children's children get out the history books on this strange epoch of uncertainty.

Whether you voted to leave or remain, there is no denying that this limbo-land in which we currently find ourselves is frustrating. The position of inertia that the country's people and its businesses are currently forced to endure is not productive. Whilst we wait for leadership to unveil itself and a formal demarche to ensue, if indeed this is the direction we must take, we should try to peddle a positive business outlook wherever we can. Please let us ignore any speculative scaremongering drowning out sense that may just otherwise lead us back to recession.

Undoubtedly, the sentiment we must all try to tune into as the country's existential adventure now unfolds, is hope.